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Police Clearance Certificate in State of Oregon, USA (United States of America)

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Procedure for getting PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from USA

Police clearance certificate from State of Oregon, USA
Fingerprint Base Police Clearance Certificate.

  1. A full ten-print set of fingerprints on the standard FBI applicant card (FD-258) taken by any private fingerprint agency or at police station.
  2. A cover letter of explanation as to why they need this information.  www.oregon.gov/osp/id/docs/own_record.pdf
  3. Money order of $33 payable to the Oregon State Police”.

Oregon State Police
Identification Services Section
Unit 11
P.O. Box 4395
Portland, OR 97208-4395
Telephone: (503) 378-3070
Website: www.oregon.gov/OSP/Pages/id/public_records.aspx
Processing Time: 7 – 10 business days approximately.













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