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Police Clearance Certificate in Jordan

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Procedure for getting PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from Jordan

Local Request:

Resident and nonresident residing in Jordan can obtain the PCC from Jordan by apply in person or by mail:

  • Apply in person to the Ministry of Justice. Need to apply himself as no one can apply on your behalf.
  • Provide your full name, date and place of birth, your parentsí names,
  • Provide your fingerprint sets.
  • Identity documents (it can be your ID card/passport).
  • You must also present two photographs, a copy of your passport and fee stamps.

Non Resident Request for PCC from Jordan:

  • All above mentioned documents need to be submitted.
  • Also need to submit a copy of your resident permit.

Post you application to:
Street Address
41 Kayed Al Armouti St
Abdoun Al Janoubi
Amman, Jordan

Postal Address
PO Box 35201
Amman 11180

Telephone: 962 6 568 8660 (AVAC) 962 6 580 7070 (Australian Visa Office), 962 6 580 7000 (Embassy)
Fax: 962 6 580 7001 (Embassy), 962 6 580 7072 (Australian Visa Office)
Time in getting PCC - Processing time is same day if in person or else up to three months.





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