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Police Clearance Certificate in Honduran

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Procedure for getting PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from Honduran

Local Request:

  • Provide your passport residence book.
  • Certificates from Honduran ‘Ministerio de Gobernacion y Inmigracion’ should also be provided.

Non Resident Citizens (married to Honduran Citizen):

  • Provide your marriage certificate.
  • Also provide birth certificate of Honduran children, if any.
  • Letters of employment or study.
  • Single photo of specific dimensions, recommended size equals 7.5*9 cms.
  • Fingerprints taken by an authorized police authority or fingerprinting agency.

All the documents submitted should be converted to Spanish.

Applicable Fees:
You will need to pay at any local bank a 150.00 Lempira fee for the certification (Resolución).

Send the details to:

Unidad de Atencion al Ciudadano
Colonia Alameda
4 Avenida, 10 y 11 Calle (Next to Wendy’s Restaurant)
Telephone: (504) 2235-7024, (504) 2235-7038 or (504) 2235-7038 – English is spoken





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