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Police Clearance Certificate in AUSTRALIA

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Procedure for getting PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) from AUSTRALIA

Local Requests
Applicants must provide a full fingerprint and name check. Certificates can be obtained through the Australian Federal Police (recommended) or the local state police authority. State-issued certificates are acceptable where the certificate is based on a fingerprint and name search of the National Databases. Please note that all applicants who resided or still reside in: Queensland, Victoria or Western Australia, must also submit a Traffic History printout, which may be obtained by contacting the local State Transport/Traffic branch. A visa file number, if available, should be endorsed on the certificate. 
The following form is required: Australian Federal Police National Police Check (NPC) Application Form. Applicants may obtain the form for the Australian Federal Police check at:
Criminal Records – National Police Check
Australian Federal Police
Locked Bag 8550
Canberra City  ACT 2601 
Telephone from Australia: (02) 6202-3333 
Telephone from elsewhere: +61 2 6202-3333 
Website: www.afp.gov.au

Note: When filling out the Australian Federal Police National Police Check (NPC) Application Form, enter Code Number 35 in section 1 (Purpose of NPC). 

Non Resident request for Police clearance certificate from Australia.

  1. Full set of fingerprints of both on a prescribed format taken by a private fingerprint agency of your country or by a police station.
  2. Application form duly filled https://afpnationalpolicechecks.converga.com.au stating the reason of obtaining a police clearance certificate from Australian Federal Police (AFP).
  3. There is a processing fee of $42 for name check and $99 for the fingerprint check.

Mail these documents to:
Australian Federal Police,
Criminal Records
Locked Bag 8550

Phone: (02) 6140 6502

Email: AFP-NationalPoliceChecks@converga.com.au

Website: http://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/police-checks/national-police-checks.aspx












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